Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A bit about me, BF entertainment vs actual investigation, and my future involvement

Been a while, and figured I would post about something.. now, while I have the time to write it. Next year is going to start out slow, but end up being one of the busiest, craziest, and intense.. of my life, I'm imagining. I probably won't have time to blog much, and have other things on my mind. I'm going to retire next year, and move out of here. Not just NY State, but the country. My wife and daughter will go first, so she can start her 4th grade school year (which starts in June) in the Philippines.. which is her and my wife's native born land. Our move will be a big one, and done in several stages. I'll be around.. for up to a year longer here, as I have to go through 50 plus years of belongings in the house I grew up in, and settle my mother.. either where she is now (in a nursing home), or with my brother.. if she recovers from her advancing dementia. I also need to get the house ready to sell, have a massive household sale on items not claimed or wanted by the family.. and probably get a dumpster and favorite charity destination, for the rest of the stuff. We plan on shipping our things we can take, by flat rate large boxes, with a Pinoy overseas shipper we know. I'm betting, we will need at least 50 of those boxes. I also need to settle all my financial affairs, so I am set up to manage them overseas, and not have to travel back 9000 miles, unless it's a real emergency. I really won't be able to afford much travel for the first 4-5 years.. until my 2nd pension kicks in at age 60. I need to work 300 hours next year, for that to happen. That.. is much more difficult in these times, than one might imagine. I'm taking a reduced pension, and getting out of a trade that I absolutely now hate. I don't hate the work.. just the people, and what it's become. A trade of quantity, not quality. I can't compete, and I know it now.. for sure, after this past summer on a "hard money" job. Gone are the days, when other tradesman took care of someone recovering from surgery and hurting. Everyone is scared for their own jobs, and in too much of a hurry to help anyone else. It's every man for themselves. It used to be an actual union.. but now, it is only called one by name. Not much about.. what once made it great, is left at all. I'm tired of the competition. Competition for Everything.. competition at work, shopping, driving, games, holidays, hobbies, and Yes... even in the inconclusive word of BF and cryptids. I need a change, and the Pinoy culture will hopefully be.. the right recipe for me. I'm pretty sure.. it is already the right one, for my wife and daughter. Choices are.. grow old here with a tight meager income, due to a previous divorce and the reduced pension, and have to take another peanut job to make ends meet.. if I want to do anything, besides sit and look out the window. Gripe about the changes in our declining culture, and not like Anything I see and read... or else Do something about it.. and move away, escape, and change it all. Move to a culture of respect and family, and a traditional religious Christmas... where things are slowed down, to almost aggravating levels . A culture where there is no political correctness, free handouts, affirmative action, or racism. Where I can at least.. afford to have a decent retirement life, and give my daughter a better education, make my wife happier in a culture she likes better and feels comfortable, and grow old where the elderly are greatly respected and cared for. The choice, did not take a lot of thought or brains, to make. No place is perfect, and there will be set backs and things I won't like.. but I think.. far less, than what is bugging me here in America these days, and I see happening around me.. here, in NY. I won't understand the things in that culture so well, that do bug me.. and that is actually a good thing. On to BF. The pros of greater "public awareness" of the topic: More witnesses come forward, and report what they've seen and heard. They see it on reality TV, and it encourages them to file a documented report.. which gives those interested.. more data to ponder. Witness accounts, are really the Only thing I care about watching, on TV BF. This has brought forward many witnesses, including one I've worked with in NY. At first, I wanted to believe him. After spending 3 nights investigating and recording on his property, and getting to know him well... I lean toward.. him maybe just wanting to be part of this whole new kind of BF excitement and fantasy. Much of what he told me, was very believable.. but then he went and changed a few key parts of his story, while puffing continuously on medicinal doobies. I think he might have witnessed something.. but it became greatly exaggerated by his condition. He told me he never watched any TV BF.. but later on, his late night campfire babbles.. told me different. No grudges on my part.. except, I won't be wasting anymore field time there. If I ever want a great hippy type guy, just to hang with and talk BF.. well, I know where to go. That's Not what I'm involved in this for. I really think.. that this type of witness.. happens more often, than the ones where a follow up investigator, can collect factual data. I have other local areas to investigate, where I witnessed strange activity. Now That guy (me), I can still believe. The cons, are far more numerous: A new breed of interested TV fan, that mixes in on the forums, facebook, and into mainstream bigfootery. Not necessarily always a con.. but when added up, the negatives are overwhelming.. from what I've read the past 4 years or so. This also gives those already established groups, more interested newbies for fanfare support. It creates the more established popular BF personalities, the opportunities to capitalize. Not all do, but many have, and are trying. How is this done ? TV reality shows, radio shows, conferences, forums, blogs.. and any other way they can get their message across to the masses. Why ? They do it for money, attention, "likes" on facebook, self promotion, and some.. just to get their point of opinion across, with no other motives. Some still, do it just because they like the topics so much.. but they are a minority. Sadly, it's All just opinion.. including my own, and everything you read in my blog, that is BF related. Yes, it did happen, and I did experience it.. as it also happened to many others. But conclusions, are just guesses, theories, and speculation. TV BF, has also released a new breed of entertainer and wannabee, that will stop at nothing to get attention, and get their mug and story on TV, or at least a blogtalk show. I've noticed a surge of it, after the first season of "Finding Bigfoot" aired. Many of these folks.. were not even heard of, prior to 2010. Fortunately, this is all limited to the TV and computer world of bigfootery (humans, without Any actual BF), and can be turned off. What really has upset me the most, is how it has effected my (our) investigations in the field. Primarily , on public lands. Everyone that watches Animal Planet, now knows what we do in the field, and why.. that only 4 years ago, did not know, nor did most even care.. aside from a few brief curiousity conversations with passing campers / hikers / rangers. The technique of calling out, and then listening, in hopes of that "unknown" response, or amplified call blasting into the late night darkness, to try and get a distant "unknown's" attention or response.. has become a thing of the past. Unless, you like to get human responses from Animal Planet watchers, that want to join in and play games with you. If That's your thing.. well, you're in luck.. thanks to reality BF TV. I see it only getting worse, with even more of these entertainment shows, on the horizon. Anywhere you car camp, and are within earshot or vocal range of another campsite.. this seems to happen. Twice, in our last two times out.. as a group. It happened.. in several of the wildest, most remote, primitive camping locations left in NY. I even have recorded evidence, of a young man mentioning "Bobo" to his girlfriend, before knocking and hollering back, from their distant campsite. There were only a couple campsites occupied, and well spread out...but that doesn't matter, as the rest of the nights recording efforts, are now contaminated with distant human vocals. In the not too distant past, a recorded gorilla or orangutan call blast at high volume.. would send other campers or partiers packing, or at least..cause them to go quiet. Now, they know exactly what and why we are doing.. thanks again.. to TV series BF, and this greater "public awareness" of the topic. Solutions ? Either don't call out and remain quiet, or risk being responded to. This limits the potential, IMO.. for getting the attention of what might be out there within earshot. You can find public lands, where there are no other campsites, but your own. They can be found, but are often limited to 4WD, narrow, no way out path cuts to an overgrown location. Buggy swampy spots, that few would want to camp. You can get onto private land, or put on a backpack, and get much deeper into remote public lands. Unfortunately, my days of that.. are about over. Private land opportunities, are not exactly knocking our doors down. For me.. too many abdominal surgeries, scar tissue, and too much equipment to carry through rough terrain. That's where these things are, and your best chances for interaction. 10 years ago, I would still be game. Meanwhile, the groups /promoters of the culprit TV shows.. must be making a good living , and a killing in promotions / sales.. off the TV show... while the actual mystery, Still remains a mystery. Do you ever think, that they might Want it that way ? Unfound BF... is now a retail item, and Very much for sale. If ever found and documented.. science and maybe the Gov men in black.. take over, and the $$ honey stops, for the commercial Moneymakers and various other leaches, self promoters, tag alongs, con men, entertainers, attention seekers, hoaxers, and exploiters... they go home and can no longer exploit BF, and charge for camping trips, like they did in the past. People will probably be seeking the Real answers, and looking elsewhere, to what science tells them is fact.. and not to the circus promoters. For now, the circus is all that's in town. What does this mean for my future in this topic of interest ? To be honest, I've gradually become less and less interested, and am at the point now, where I'm downright disgusted and cynical over the topic. Sometimes, I want to lash out at those I think are exploiting it.. but then, they have that right to do as they please.. just like me. We are all involved in such things, for various different reasons. What I might think is wrong, others are fine with. I still have my personal field experiences on my mind, with lots of unanswered questions. But you know what ? .. they are most likely going to remain unanswered, and my field experiences.. just another unsolved mystery. I've come to that realization, and have somewhat accepted that reality. Yes, I can move on.. and changing locations to another culture and country, will help me with that, a great deal. I'll have plenty to stimulate me and think about, other than this crap. Which brings up, my future in this interest of cryptids and field investigations. Next year, I'm going to be out in the field.. every chance I get. It will be my last year doing it here, and I will certainly make the time, to do it as often as possible.. despite having other priorities and goals, I need to accomplish in 2014. I will need extended breaks in the forest, and it's serenity.. to unwind and flush out my head with future frustrations, that I anticipate. I plan on doing it solo, and also with a group. No different than I do now, really. I'm going to enjoy it, and not make it a chore or a competition. I don't expect to record or witness anything, I haven't already. What I Do expect.. is to relax, enjoy, and have some fun. Do I plan on pursuing the same interest in the Philippines ? Eventually.. yes. I don't expect to be out on tropical forest trips / excursions.. my first year there, and may not even be at all, until we are completely settled. I have no idea when that will be. We'll be renting first, closer to the city.. and eventually, and hopefully.. be able to build a place out in the province, on our empty property. Any forest excursion there, takes planning, and some help. You just don't pack up and jump into your car, and drive into forest, like you would here. You need a guide, porters, permits, permissions, and the right gear. Conditions will be harsher, then what I'm used to here. I found that out on a few birding excursions into the mountains, there. I was banged up, drenched with sweat, and exhausted.. but satisfied by what I saw and experienced. I was also, ten or 15 years younger. If you've watched shows about excursions in Indonesia and Vietnam .. it will be similar, minus the snakes. Plenty and creepies, dangers, and intense humidity and downpours. No big cats, wild canines, or other large predators to worry about, though. It's the small things in the jungle, that might get you. That's where a guide with native know how, becomes so valuable. That might all come in time, if my life and health will allow. I have a list of places, already lined up. What kind of things will I investigate ? Cultural cryptids, along with known flora and fauna. Endemic birds, mammals, and herps are high on my list. My wife had seen a large hairy creature, as a girl. I believe her. Many are very afraid of a winged creature that wants to enter their homes at night. I don't know what to make of the Aswang legend.. but I know the Pinoys take it very seriously. It is blamed for many misfortunes at night in Pinoy culture, including stillborns and other unexplained deaths. Is it just a large fruit bat (flying fox)? Many think so, but I doubt that, now ..after discussing the subject with those willing. Often, I have to cover a night excursion into the forest, with a known subject (like owls, or nightjars) . Why ? It is hard to find a native guide to take you looking for a cultural cryptid. They really want no part of that, and fear can override the guide fee. The Only one that was willing to take me into the forest at night, on Palawan.. was a German.. that owned (through his wife) the eco lodge and grounds I stayed at. Even an American expat I've been in contact with, that was a skeptic of such cryptids.. is now a believer in the Aswang. He doesn't know or has heard much.. about large BF like hairies, such as the Agta or Kapre. I guess, I'll be finding out for myself... as usual. I'm expecting the results to probably be.. more questions then answers. Not any different, than my investigations results here.. but within a more livable, easy going culture and people. Until next time ...

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